ISP: Gold Spandex Pants

On today's show: Bush's turkey day; Molly Shannon's latrine duty; and the "How We Go Out" video!

Rick Borutta, one of our producers, sent me this link last night. I am now a huge fan of Leslie Hall. Her new video "How We Go Out" is classic. The best line I've heard in awhile is "You get me hot like a stick of hot glue, and I'm scrapbooking everything we do." LOL!

She has a My Space page, too, if you'd like to learn more about her.

I also found her first TV interview from the Martin Sargent show called "Unscrewed." It's amazing how often I come across references to that show. Do you remember the butt painting teacher who was fired after a "performance" on a cable program? It was on "Unscrewed."

In other news, the voting for "Turkey of the Year" is going really well! As of this writing, we have more than 4800 votes. Britney has a slight lead over the Bathroom Brigadier, which surprises me. I consider her more of a sad sack than a turkey, but it's not my opinion that matters.

I think tomorrow I might go out on the town with a camera and see if anybody has any "write in" votes for top turkey. Should be fun.