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Is Your Brand Interactive Enough?

A new brand study report indicates interactive brands, like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, are better liked by global consumers than some other American powerhouses, including Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Nike. Nearly half of the 33 US brands studied showed year-over-year decreases based on three considerations -- familiarity, likability and the likelihood that consumers would have positive things to say about the brand.

Jennifer James, consultant with Jfk Roper Consulting, the firm that conducted the study, said, "These brands have to get consumers excited again. Successful companies are those that allow their customers to contribute more of themselves to the brand experience."

How does a retail brand offer customers a more interactive experience? A good start is to take a look at your website. Duct Tape Marketing offers five tips for making your site more interactive, including these:

  • Google Maps. No need to offer extensive instructions on how to find you, just dump a whole scrollable map on your "contact us" page.
  • Blog RSS feeds on relevant parts of your site.
  • Allow visitors to your site to call you on Skype in one click.