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Is Your Boss a Jackass? Take This Quiz and Find Out

Here's a common problem -- deciding whether to work for a certain manager. A Sales Machine reader writes:
I'm in search of a new sales job. One of my many criteria is to work for a capable sales manager. I'm looking for someone who's willing to be a coach and not like the Alec Baldwin character in the move "Glenngary Glen Ross." I want to learn from my manager, not just support the manager's ego. Any suggestions?
You bet! The best way to make sure that you don't end up working for a jackass is to ask the following twenty questions to somebody who already works for that manager. (This quiz also works for evaluating your current manager, too.)

INSTRUCTIONS: Score 1 point for every yes answer, then read the appropriate paragraph below:

  • Does your manager get irritated when people put up Dilbert comic strips?
  • Does your manager expect you to work unpaid overtime?
  • Does your manager restrict how your office can be decorated?
  • Does your manager monitor your email or Internet traffic?
  • Does your manager yell at people during meetings?
  • Does your manager use email to avoid personal conflict?
  • Does your manager try everything possible to avoid risk?
  • Does your manager frequently talk about his or her MBA?
  • Does your manager focus way too much on long-range plans?
  • Does your manager have a "vision" that's at odds with reality?
  • Does your manager lie about things that shouldn't matter?
  • Does your manager distribute information of questionable usefulness ?
  • Does your manager insist upon an arbitrary dress code?
  • Does your manager refuse to eat with the hoi poloi?
  • Does your manager insists on making every decision?
  • Does your manager refer to the firm as a "happy family"?
  • Does your manager speak in fluent iz-blab buzzwords?
  • Does your manager disappear when decisions must be made?
  • Does your manager steal the credit but shift the blame?
  • Does your manager give feedback only during salary reviews?
  • 0 to 5 -- You're only taking this quiz to confirm what you already know, which is that your boss is a reasonably decent sort. Congratulations!
  • 6 to 10 -- Your boss is about average when it comes to general jackassiness. The situation is tolerable as long as you keep a sense of perspective.
  • 11 to 15 -- Your boss is a true jackass and is getting worse by the week. Unfortunately, jackass-ism is a progressive disease.
  • 16 to 20 -- You have my sympathies. You are working for a huge jackass. If you're not looking for work elsewhere, you're either a wuss or you're a jackass in training.