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Is Trump University Flunking Out?

Is Trump University on the verge of flunking out?Donald Trump
The Better Business Bureau doesn't think much of Donald Trump's university. Earlier this year the BBB gave Trump University a near failing grade of "D-."

When I checked, the BBB had received 13 complaints about Trump University during a 36-month period involving contract disputes, customer service, refunds and other issues. And, by the way, Trump University is not an accredited BBB business.

But there's more. The state Education Department in New York is now insisting that Trump's online education firm stop using "university" in its title. Trump University, which the promoter views as an educational incubator for wannabe millionaires and billionaires, does not grant academic degrees or college credits.

The New York Post obtained a letter that a state deputy commissioner sent to Trump University, which alleges that using the term "university" to describe the classes and seminars on getting rich is a no-no.

"Use of the word 'university' by your corporation is misleading," the letter states, "and violates New York education law and the rules of the Board of Regents."

Looking online at Trump University's "About" page, I didn't see anything that acknowledged that the outfit wasn't really a university. This was the closest it came to making a distinction:

"We teach real-world education differently than traditional educational institutes do. We believe people absorb more efficiently and faster when they learn by doing."

According to the New York Post, The Donald might not fight the semantics battle. Michael Sexton, Trump U's president, suggested that the cyber-education firm might be ordering new stationery soon. How does Trump Education sound?

You won't find any hint of the controversy on Trump University's Facebook fan page. But on Facebok, Trump is promoting his new cable television golf show - Donald J. Trump's Fabulous World of Golf - if anyone is interested.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution and she also writes a college blog at Follow her on Twitter.

Donald Trump University image by Gilberto Viciedo. CC 2.0.

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