Is The Word "Sale" In Your Repertoire?

A sale sign
A woman we know loves beautiful clothing. But she's equally passionate about not paying too much. Here's contributor Nancy Giles:

You've seen the headlines, you've heard the news reports: The Republican National Committee spent around $150,000 on vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (and her family) on her wardrobe and accessories.

Suddenly, the "hockey mom" sounds more like the "hockey team owner" mom.

Forget about the economic crisis that's hitting Wall Street, Main Street, and every street, avenue, and boulevard in-between. Put all that out of your mind.

Okay? Gone?

Now ask yourself: Who in heaven's name would EVER buy clothing RETAIL?


There is a joy, a thrill even, in the hunt of the deal. Is it primal? Is it part of our DNA? Who can say? Certain department stores are dedicated to this very palpable satisfaction.

Look, there are always sales to be found. I believe that to find, and purchase, an expensive item marked down to a crazy low price truly answers that oft-asked question: "What Would Jesus Do?"

Having said that, there are times when I violate my own rule out of desperation. I'm six-one and when I find things at the Tall Girls store that fit properly I hide them at the back of some rack, hoping no one finds them until the price comes down. It never works. So now: It fits? I'll buy, right then.

I resent those garments.

I have an emotional connection to my "sale" clothes. And when I wear them, I stand a little straighter, and walk is a little jauntier.

I'll never forget getting a brand-new pair of Hush Puppies for $1.99 at a store that was going out of business, and I just happened to be passing by. They were men's Hush Puppies, and only a half-size too big, and with thick socks I was good to go. A dollar ninety-nine!

Everyone wants to look good, whatever their income level. And you don't have to spend $150,000 of other people's money to do that.

I think the word "sale" is beautiful. "Retail" doesn't even sound as good. Sounds clinical, Latin for "one who shops, but is dumb."