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Is the Future of Work Fewer Full-Time Jobs?

On Entry-Level Rebel we love people willing to go out on a limb and take a guess about the future of work, from interpreters of trends towards increased job-hopping and the death of employee loyalty, to those who speculate about innovative work spaces and new ideas on education. Joining this line up today is Lauren Porat, founder of Urban Interns, who recently laid out her vision of the future of work in a podcast interview with blogger Lindsey Pollak.

According to Porat, hiring is changing, with non-full time work expected to take an ever more central role, both for those trying to get their foot in the door and more experienced professionals who build their careers out of multiple smaller jobs rather than one full-time position. Bear with a bit of advertising at the beginning to hear the whole interview including Porat's tips on how young people can navigate this new landscape and score the best opportunities:

  • Don't be turned off by the terms "internship" or "part-time". Many people have developed incredible careers by serving multiple part-time clients. Also, starting out this way may allow you to get your foot in the door with some very cool, interesting startup companies.
  • Think of the things you are good at, both personally and professionally. If you have years of experience with Facebook, even if you have only used it for your own relationships, you may qualify as a social media intern.
  • Think like an entrepreneur. Make it obvious that you are resourceful, and show that you will think about their business in new and different ways. Exhibit ambition and creativity by sharing your ideas for how you would grow the company. Chances are they won't use your ideas, but showing them that you think proactively will pay off.
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