Is Selling Amoral?

Last Updated Jun 15, 2010 1:35 PM EDT

In the recent post "What is a Sales Pro's Most Essential Character Trait?", I provided a list of fifteen possible character traits and asked Sales Machine readers to pick the one the thought was more important. There's now been more than a thousand votes, so I checked out the post to see how everyone voted.

The big winners were "Problem Solving" (19%) followed by "Interpersonal Relationships" (14%), "Empathy" (13%) and "Optimism" (11%).

However, the more interesting result is the big loser: "Social Responsibility" at 0%. Nobody -- and I mean nobody -- thought that the most important characteristic of a sales professional is "the ability to be a contributing and constructive member of your social group."

I find that fascinating because whenever I post something about religion and marketing, I get dozens of complaints from people for whom religion is clearly very important. Apparently, religion isn't having much impact on those people's expectations of their job performance.

So here's my question for you:

Please answer honestly. Nobody's looking over your shoulder; your answer can't be tracked back to you, so you might as well click on what you REALLY believe.

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