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Is "Personal Hatred for Billboards" Ruining Pittsburgh? One Firm Says So

A regional manager of billboard company Lamar Advertising (LAMR) has denounced Scenic Pittsburgh, a municipal beautification group, as a "billboard hate group" whose leader has "a personal hatred for billboards." In fact, Scenic Pittsburgh, Pa., has every reason to be concerned about Lamar. Left unchecked, the company has a tendency to do whatever it wants, regardless of the law, to defend its boards. For instance:

Lamar's heated rhetoric betrays its fears: For years, billboard companies and their lobbyists (and their election campaign contributions) have run unchecked across America's cities and suburbs, ruining views in many of them. It's about time the public got equal representation on the important but tedious zoning issues that control the outdoor ad business.


Image from Ban Billboard Blight.
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