Is Craigslist Right to Charge for "Erotic Services" Ads But Not Others?

Those familiar with the online classified ads site, Craigslist, know that you can get just about anything you want on it. Even naughty things. The site has a whole section dedicated to those advertising "erotic services." These include escorts, erotic dancers, dominatrixes and sometimes even outright prostitutes.

Until Thursday, Nov. 6, advertising erotic services on Craigslist was free. But, as part of a deal with some 40 state attorneys general trying to crack down on the promotion of illegal activities online, the site has opted to charge a fee for erotic services ads. Craigslist CEO, Jim Buckminster, said the move "raises the accountability for people posting to the category."

That sounds like a bit of a pipe dream, but the move does come hard on the heels of the rejection by the voters of San Francisco -- where Craigslist is based -- to decriminalize prostitution. [poll id=68]