Is Apple slipping?

(CBS News) It's among the best-known logos on the planet -- that stylized apple with a bite out of it. But some say Apple's just not as crisp as it once was.

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When the company announced the new iPhone 5, its stock was near $667 a share, and a week later jumped to a record-high of $702 a share. But while the new phone sold well, there were some bugs, like a poorly-designed "Maps" app.

After an apology from CEO Tim Cook and a subsequent management shakeup, its stock took a few dips and their most recent stock price is down 25 percent from September.

So, is Apple's slump a temporary blip, or something more?

David Kirkpatrick, tech journalist, and author of "The Facebook Effect," and John Abell, a columnist with Reuters Media File, spoke to Anthony Mason and Rebecca Jarvis at the "CBS This Morning: Saturday" studio.

Kirkpatrick is bullish about Apple and its future because it's a successful company today with low margins. He calls the stock a "huge buy" at the current price.

"Everything that rises must fall," he said. "Apple is still an extraordinary machine of execution -- unbelievably profitable -- that builds products that almost everybody wants even though they may end up buying a Samsung because it's cheaper."

Abell agreed that there is no reason to panic about the demise of Apple.

"We're in a resting phase here," he said. "They're making lots of money. They have lots of money on hand. They have things they're going to be doing. It's not a time to worry."

But what is the "next big thing" from Apple - or will there ever be another product to rival the success of the iPhone?

"It could be TV," said Kirkpatrick. "Apple has great ideas for making media easier to consume and acquire. And if they can do that for TV, I think most viewers of this show will be pleased to buy their product."

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