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iPhone Update

(AP Photo/Apple)
After using the iPhone all weekend, what I wrote Friday night – after only 5 hours – pretty much holds up. I like the device but hate the slow AT&T network and am starting to get used to the keyboard. I don't think most people would be wise to spend $500 or $600 for this device right now considering that a Version 2 will be better and/or cheaper and that other companies are rushing to come out with other ultra-cool phones.

I did get some social benefit from having the phone this past weekend. I conspicuously used it in a number of public venues and boy was I the center of attention. As I said in my , it could be worth $600 for that alone, especially for people who are single.

Now that the phone is out, the hype can start to die down and reality can set in. Hey, at least it knocked Paris Hilton off the front pages for a few days.

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