iPhone Business Apps Just Got More Business-y

Last Updated Jun 22, 2010 8:29 AM EDT

Since you don't actually live under a rock, you know that the new iPhone operating system -- known as iOS 4 -- dropped yesterday. Indeed, you might even have heard about all the cool new features, like wallpaper and geotagged photos.

But is there anything under the hood for business productivity? Absolutely. In fact, the new OS might even make your existing business apps work better. Here are 4 business reasons you absolutely want to upgrade your existing iPhone to iOS 4 -- or buy the new iPhone this Thursday when it's released.

Unified inbox. This one was a long time coming. The iPhone has always allowed you to access mail from Exchange, POP, and Web services, but checking them was always a serial affair, one after the other, with a slew of tapping between each account. Now you can see all your mail in a single view. It's not just a timesaver, but can also prevent overlooking important messages.

Threaded messages. Likewise, threaded messages are a luxury I used to only enjoy on the desktop. Now, when you encounter an e-mail thread, the iPhone places a small number in the view to indicate how many e-mails are in the conversation. Tap it to drill into the thread.

Spell checking. Sure, Mail has had spell checking since the beginning. But now, spell checking and spelling suggestions are baked in, so all apps -- from Twitter to IM to browsers to word processors -- can take advantage of them. That's great for someone like me, who hates to tap out long words and really needs some automated help spelling stuff.

Multitasking. This is the big one, of course. Multitasking is going to fundamentally change the way we use our iPhones, but the obvious use -- for me -- is the ability to listen to music while doing something productive. I don't store music on my iPhone, so the built in music player does me no good. Now I can turn on Pandora and then flip over to Quickoffice, Documents to Go, a Web browser, or any other productivity app and not lose a beat.

What iOS 4 improvements are rocking your world? Share your thoughts in the comments.