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iPhone Apps: 5 Top Money-Saving Picks

This post was updated on August 4, 2010.
I just purchased an iPod Touch and feel a bit late to the app game. After immediately downloading Doodle Jump and Scramble, I started scouring the sea of applications that can actually help you save money, as opposed to distract you from work. Here are the money-saving apps I'm planning to download this week.

1. BillMinder
I get email notifications when bills are due and most of my bills are on auto-pay, but BillMinder still seems helpful because it shows me my list of bills and when they're due. In case there's anything I'm close to forgetting - like my health insurance, which can only be paid through the mail - this handy app will save me from being dropped from COBRA like a hot potato. This app is 99 cents.

2. Coupon Sherpa
I'm not a coupon cutter. It's not because I don't believe in discounts, but because cutting coupons requires time and patience - of which I have very little. Coupon Sherpa has received rave reviews for letting you find instant in-store coupons based on your location. Many retailers will either scan the code from your iPhone or iPod Touch or type it into the register. Best part: It's free!

3. Drink Specials
From Thursday through Sunday (or whenever you typically indulge in adult beverages), this application can help you find drink specials and deals in your neighborhood. You can then share the specials with friends and enjoy an impromptu happy hour. Cost: Free.

4. RedLaserThis app lets you compare prices and read reviews for products before buying them in a store. Simply scan the bar code with your iPhone or iPod Touch and the app provides a list of comparisons. Totally free!

5. Spend
If you don't have a handle on your discretionary spending - on shoes, fast-food, or, uh, iPhone apps - Spend helps you get a grip. You can set up weekly or monthly budgets in various categories and record your related expenses to monitor how you're keeping up. Cost: 99 cents.

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