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iPhone App Lets You Send Text Messages to a Group

Text messaging is traditionally a one-way, two-person exercise. But a new version of Gogii's TextPlus iPhone app [iTunes link] lets you text a single message to as many as 50 people. Amazingly, it's free.

As you'll see in the following video, this group-texting capability wasn't necessarily designed with business users in mind -- but it definitely has business applications. Watch the vid, then meet me at the next paragraph.

Let's say you manage a sales team. You need to inform your reps that they can offer a 20-percent price reduction on Mega-Widgets, effective immediately. Sure, you can blast out a group e-mail, but who knows when that message will get read? A text is much more likely to attract eyeballs fast.

Likewise, suppose you need to share some critical information with other members of your project team. Here's a way to do it with lightning speed and convenience.

The TextPlus app itself is free, as are the messages it sends. All you do is create a group within the app and invite up to 50 people to join. (The others don't need TextPlus nor even an iPhone.)

Great stuff, Gogii. Now let's see versions of TextPlus for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile, 'kay?

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