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iPhone 3G = iHeadache?

It got off to a blockbuster opening, but software and network glitches have plagued the iPhone 3G in the past six weeks since its launch. Now, before all the Apple fans flip out, there's certainly no way to measure the exact extent or scope of the reported problems. But the blogs and news sites continue to be abuzz about dropped calls, a slower network, and connectivity issues among other things. And anecdotally I've heard from several people who are frustrated by its less-than stellar performance, especially since the 3G network is such a key selling point. AT&T has simply encouraged people to download the latest Apple software updates, and because the problems seem to be occurring worldwide analysts aren't pointing the finger at exclusive U.S. carrier AT&T so much as Apple.

So is it a software problem? Something in the handset itself? An underlying network issue? More hype than reality? Whatever it is, the reported problems are not what Apple needs, and may even be making some consumers think twice about upgrading or buying the new one. Personally, it's all made me pause and realize my "old" iPhone works just fine, thanks. In any case, we'll take a closer look at the iPhone 3G issues on the CBS Early Show tomorrow (Thursday morning), and Natali Del Conte from CBS's corporate partner CNET will also be on-hand to discuss what's going on. (She's got some firsthand experience, too!) I hope you'll be watching. Stay connected!

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