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Internet Explorer 6 Funeral Today; Support End is Imminent

You're not still using IE6, are you? Microsoft moved on to Internet Explorer 7 three years ago, and then to the well-received IE8 last year. And the world has had more modern options like FireFox and Chrome for quite some time now.

All that said, I was aghast to discover that a buddy of mine is still using IE6 because, he says, he "prefers it." And, of course, any number of corporate users are still locked into IE6 by administrator edict. That's not stopping the funeral, though.

The Aten Design Group is staging a funeral for IE6 today in Denver. That's right -- a real, physical event, mourning the loss of IE6. According to the Web site, attendees can "mix & mingle with Denver's top IE6 mourners. We'll have a special time of remembrance, delicious tapas, and a full service bar."

If you're still using IE6, you should be aware that support for the old browser is fading fast. Google officially stopped supporting IE6 on Monday, and Youtube cuts off support on March 13. That doesn't mean your browser will stop working right away, but updates will no longer be tested for IE6 compliance. Word to the wise: Upgrade.

Are any of our intrepid readers still using IE6? By choice? Sound off in the comments.