Integrate Business Collaboration Tools with Outlook

Collaboration and microblogging tools are great -- as far as they go -- but one common complaint I hear is that most do little to integrate themselves with your existing communication software, like Microsoft Outlook. If you've felt stymied by this conundrum, then I've got a solution for you.

Socialwok is an online collaboration tool not unlike (if I can overuse this comparison) Facebook for business. It delivers all the stuff you'd expect to find in a business-oriented collaboration tool, like file sharing, messaging, and status updates. It integrates with Google Apps and Google Docs, letting you easily share and collaborate on files created in those environments.

But what's new and interesting is the way you can now access Socialwok from within Outlook. Using the Socialwok Outlook Social Connector (a name that uses at least 2 words more than is actually necessary), you can integrate Socialwok into your e-mail client.

The connection lets you access shared files and documents from within Outlook and combine Outlook and Socialwok's contact information into one convenient address book. Check out the video for a look at how it all works: