Inmates who use Facebook could serve extra time in South Carolina

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Facebook may mean more jail time for S.C. inmates
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(CBS/AP) COLUMBIA, S.C. - The proliferation of cell phones smuggled into prisons has some inmates routinely updating their status from the inside, and South Carolina is considering becoming the first state to make that a crime.

The measure would add 30 days to the sentence of any prisoner  caught interacting on social networking sites via cell phone.

The bill goes a step further, too, making it illegal for anyone to set up a page for a prisoner, which legal experts say violates inmates' free speech rights even if they are using contraband cell phones.

Rep. Wendell Gilliard, a Democrat from Charleston who proposed the law, says crime victims shouldn't have to worry about seeing or being threatened by a prisoner online.

There's also a fear convicts are coordinating criminal activity.