Ill. man going 113 mph faces up to a year in jail


(CBS) PLAINFIELD, Ill.- Last week, Plainfield police stopped a car car traveling 113 miles an hour - 68 miles an hour over the 35 mph speed limit, CBS Chicago reports.

Police Sgt. Eric Munson says that the arresting office was a bit surprised when he saw how fast 21-year-old Ihusseen Odeh was going in his BMW 3 Series.

"I think he was kind of taken aback at first," Munson said. "And then he had to take off after the vehicle. So I know his adrenalin was starting to flow at that point."

Odeh also described a feeling of adrenaline, explaining to CBS Chicago that he was speeding because he was late for work.

"You just feel a rush," says Odeh of Plainfield.

Odeh's "rush" could be slowed by a sentence of up to one year in jail.  He pledges "not to do it again no more."