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Ikea is hiring real people to work at its virtual Roblox store

Grand opening of SoMa IKEA food court draws excited crowd
Grand opening of SoMa IKEA food court draws excited crowd 03:11

Furniture chain Ikea says it's hiring real people to work inside a virtual store within the gaming platform Roblox.

Ikea's virtual employees will be paid the same rate as a London co-worker — £13.15 / €14.80 an hour — which equates to $14.31 / $16.10 in U.S. dollars and is aligned with the Living Wage Foundation's real living wage, the company said.

The so-called "Co-Worker Game" launches June 24, and will allow players to "experience working in Ikea's virtual universe," according to Ikea.

Those hired will help customers and get promoted to new departments, working in different parts of Ikea including serving meatballs. 

The positions are remote but applicants have to live in London and be at least 18 years old. 

Ikea is accepting applications through Sunday, June 16. Ikea will hold virtual interviews June 14 through June 18 and new hires will be paid for their time on the game. 

"We're excited to be the first brand to launch paid work on Roblox to showcase how we do careers differently," Darren Taylor, country people and culture manager, Ikea UK and Ireland, stated in a news release. "At Ikea, there is no set route to career progression. Our co-workers are able to change roles, switch departments and grow in any direction they chose, both in the game or in the real world."

For more information on how to apply, click here

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