If "Grand Theft Auto" was as mundane as real life

(CBS News) When it comes to video games these days, one would assume the more realistic the better, right? Wrong! CollegeHumor boasts the "most realistic 'Grand Theft Auto' yet," "Grand Theft Auto V," in the parody video above, which demonstrates that sometimes real life is just too boring to be a game. The clip is just grand.

I mean, I guess that's why people play video games after all -- to escape the tedious tasks of their real lives for a little more excitement. Why would someone want to simulate the boring dealings of everyday life like exchanging insurance information after a car crash, trying to get juuuust get the right shower temperature, or holding an open house ("I just don't know what to do with this cocktail sauce...")? CollegeHumor gives us a peek at what "GTA" would look like if it really were like real life. And it's pretty darn humorous. My hat's off to them for this hilariously anything-but-exciting parody (Hat's off! Get it!? If you watched the video, you would).