"I Like It" on Facebook Status: Breast Cancer Awareness Goes Viral

Cancer can be caused by high doses of radiation, such as that delivered to survivors of atomic bomb blasts. But the dose of radiation from a modern mammogram is only 0.1 to 0.2 rad per picture - a tiny amount. How tiny? The amount of radiation delivered in a typical screening mammogram (in which four images are taken) is equal to the amount a woman receives simply by being exposed to the natural environment (background radiation) over a three-month period. "No studies have conclusively tied mammography radiation to an increased risk of breast cancer," says Dr. Schnabel.
breast cancer awareness

(CBS) A new trend has female Facebook users giving status updates like "I like it on the floor" or "I like it on the couch," but it seems they're revealing not where they like to have sex but where they keep their purses.

And it's all in support of breast cancer awareness month, which occurs each October.

Get it? We didn't either. But the idea of the grass-roots effort seems to be that the sexy-yet-enigmatic updates will encourage women and men to think about breast cancer, according to Time magazine.

Not on Facebook? Maybe go with a pink ribbon. At least everyone will know what it means.