'Hysterical' Juliette Lewis

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Juliette Lewis joins Uma Thurman to search for Mr. Right in Bayonne, N.J. in the new HBO movie "Hysterical Blindness." Lewis talks about playing a Jersey Girl on The Early Show.

Lewis and Thurman play lifelong friends looking in all the wrong places and dating all the wrong men. The girls are clinging to their high school glory days, but they are closing in on thirty.

Lewis says of Thurman, "I think we have some spectacular chemistry...playing best friends, 'cause we really felt that way about each other. So that was nice."

Thurman pioneered the project after she saw an Off-Broadway play that a friend was in. Her husband, Ethan Hawke, introduced her to the playwright, Laura Cahill, and Thurman asked her to develop it into a movie.

Lewis was handpicked by Thurman to costar, "It was a dream of mine always to work with Juliette Lewis," Thurman says. "Ever since I saw her in 'Cape Fear,' when she was younger, because I was a teenage actress myself, and I watched her. She's a couple years younger than me. And I was blown away by her."

Lewis has also starred in notable films such as, "Natural Born Killers" with Woody Harrelson and "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" with Johnny Depp.

"Hysterical Blindness" was screened previously at the Sundance Film Festival and makes its television premiere Sunday August 25th at 9pm on HBO.