Hype Anxiety: Why We Keep Getting Suckered by Non-AT&T iPhone Reports

UPDATE: BNet Wired In columnist Erik Sherman guesses where the iPhone will pop up next.


This week Verizon (VZ) Wireless started selling the Wi-Fi only Apple (APPL) iPad with its personal hotspot device, the MiFi. Although it was simply a smart package deal, for many critics it became yet another sign that Verizon was about to get the iPhone. Finally, consumers would be free of AT&T (ATT) and its monopolistic, spotty service!

The iPhone won't be on AT&T forever, but, as I've noted previously, there have been few to no real indicators about where it is going. In fact, based on "reliable sources familiar with the situation", the iPhone should have been on Verizon in 2008, Sprint last summer, and T-Mobile as soon as it started selling the device in Germany three years ago.

Here's a quick refresher on moments we were sure the iPhone was leaving AT&T:

Rumors and speculation are traditionally the fuel of newspapers and blogs, but you'd be hard pressed to find another more hyped tech product over the past four years. It also reflects the desperation readers -- and, when their opinion peeks out from behind the stories, journalists -- have to enjoy the Jesus phone on their favorite carrier or to get away from AT&T's spotty coverage and draconian data plan decisions. Based on history, however, a lot of internet buzz doesn't guarantee a change, as we were virtually in the same position last year and the year before that -- not to mention the year before that.

Photo courtesy of cameronparkins // CC 2.0