Huckabee Compares Himself to the New York Giants

From CBS News' Joy Lin:

CHATTANOOGA, TENN. -- In his first rally following the Super Bowl, Mike Huckabee compared his underdog status to that of the New York Giants before their upset victory over the New England Patriots.

In a nasal tone of superiority, Huckabee imitated the naysayers who said the Pats were already the Super Bowl champs. But then, Huckabee said, "the New York Giants showed up and decided the game wasn't over until they decided it was over."

A reporter asked him which candidate he thinks is comparable to the Patriots.

"Well, I'm going to let you do the interpretation on that," Huckabee said with a smile.

A Dallas Cowboys fan, Huckabee has repeatedly said he didn't really care for this year's Super Bowl. When the game began yesterday, he spoke at the ordination of two young pastors in Memphis.

"It's a team from New York and a team from Boston," Huckabee told the congregation. "What do we care?"

But if he had to choose, Huckabee said would root for the underdog Giants -- a pick he shared with reporters before the when they pressed him for an answer.

Huckabee showed little interest in the final hour of the game that he was able to catch after church. As staffers and reporters watched the game enthusiastically, Huckabee checked his BlackBerry and walked to the business center to look through his emails.

But he returned for the final minutes and chuckled when one reporter threw his fist in the air when the game ended.

Campaign chair Ed Rollins said happily, "The underdogs won." He walked away to board the waiting plane.

"Yeah, the underdogs won," Huckabee said softly to himself, his eyes briefly fixed on the television before turning around to go.