How will "Narcos" portray mysterious death of Pablo Escobar?

"Narcos" star Pedro Pascal
"Narcos" star Pedro Pascal 04:33

In its first season, Netflix’s “Narcos” followed notorious cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar’s rise to power in Colombia in the late 1980s. The season ended with Escobar’s escape from the prison he had built for himself.

In the second season out Thursday, viewers get what actor Pedro Pascal calls “the inevitable” – Escobar’s mysterious death. The show’s Twitter page has been posting #WhoKilledPablo to promote its second season.

“How he dies, who kills him, I mean, it’s a mystery,” Pascal told “CBS This Morning” Friday. “You get so many different answers in terms of who fired the shot, or shots.”

Several members of Escobar’s own family believe he committed suicide – not “Narcos.”

“Narcos doesn’t believe that,” Pascal said. “I could tell you that. DEA doesn’t believe that as well.”

While Pascal wouldn’t reveal more about the show’s interpretation, he called it the “most authentic portrayal that we’ll ever have seen of Escobar’s death.” Pascal said the show filmed the Escobar’s final moments in Medellin, at the exact site where the real drug kingpin was gunned down on Dec. 2, 1993.  

Pascal is best known for his role as Prince Oberyn Martell in HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” The actor had to brush up on his Spanish to play is “Narcos” character, DEA agent Javier Pena.

“My Spanish doesn’t usually involve conversations about investigating drug cartels. It’s usually complaining to my sister that my dad hasn’t called me back,” Pascal said. “It’s much better now.”

In order to train for his gig, he went to train with real DEA agents – including Agent Javier Peña – in Quantico. Pascal admitted that he was nervous at first.

“I was very self-conscious in that environment because I wasn’t a bad kid, but I had some fun,” Pascal said. “And at Quantico, among the DEA, I just felt like I was going to get in trouble for the thoughts that were going through my mind, but they were really, really chill guys.”