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How to Write a Killer Resume and Other Job Questions Answered

Thanks a million to Eric Schurenberg and Jill Schlesinger for bringing me into the studio on Thursday to offer viewers career advice on the evening of the government's quarterly jobs report. (I only wish the recovery had been more robust than Jill reports today.) You can see the video below.

After traveling the country late last year taking questions from job seekers during a book tour for "You're Better Than Your Job Search," it was a real pleasure to get back into Q&A mode with the MoneyWatch audience.

It was striking to me how the same overriding themes continue to occupy professionals' thinking time and time again. We tackled issues of career change, networking, age discrimination, flexibility in taking a step down to get ahead and how to fill prolonged gaps in a job history.

These are real, enduring issues for anyone interested in managing their careers, and we had a lot of fun providing guidance.

Please chime in here with any additional questions we didn't get to, and I'll do my best to give you some solid answers!

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