How to Think Australian

Having a Canadian husband, my favourite book is "How to be a Canadian" (though you really have to be Canadian to get some of the "in" jokes).

With the launch of the new Australia movie this month, it would be interesting to see what would you would need to do to "Think Like an Australian" particularly for innovation and creativity. Does the local language offer some clues?

She'll be right mate: no problem, no worries. Australians are generally easygoing and open to new ideas and suggestions.

Fair dinkum: Really? Is this real? Or Yes, this is Fair Dinkum. Things need to be real and not a whitewash. Fairness and fair play is a main value for innovation as well as for Australians.

Buckley's chance: No chance at all. If an idea is presented as a solution then often it will have buckley's chance of getting through. Remember, an idea is almost never a solution, it is just an idea. Ideas need to be developed into potential solutions.

True blue: Honest, straight. The Lucky Country --- why, Australia, of course.

Generally, we are Dags (a funny person, nerd, goof, loser) who are willing to give anything a go!

What would be your top suggestions to help people think like an Australian?