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How to Send Text Messages Using Only Your Voice

Reader Bill T. writes in with this vexing problem:
I want to send text messages, but my cell phone doesn't have a keyboard. Tapping out messages on the numeric keypad is a huge pain in the neck. Is there some other way?
We feel your pain, Bill. Not everyone owns or even wants a BlackBerry, iPhone, or other keyboard-equipped handset. And we know how slow and awkward it can be to compose text on a T9 keypad. Fortunately, there are indeed alternatives. Voice-powered alternatives.

We're talking about Dial2Do and Jott, two incredibly handy services that let you compose e-mail and text messages, add appointments to your calendar, update your Facebook/Twitter status, and much more, all just by speaking into your phone.

All you do is dial either service, say what you want to do ("Send a text to Baxter," for instance), then speak your piece. When you're done, the service will convert your words to text and deliver them to your specified contact.

Alas, Dial2Do and Jott aren't free; both charge about $4 monthly or $40 annually if you prepay. But keep in mind they offer a lot more than just voice-powered texting. They can record reminders (for delivery to your inbox and/or a to-do service like Remember The Milk), read your e-mail to you, play news and weather, and much more.

I've used both services and highly, highly recommend them. You can try Jott free for a week or Dial2Do for a month. In the meantime, take a look at Dial2Do in action: