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How to Sell B2B in a Nutshell

Selling B2B is not difficult. In fact, it's ridiculously easy. All you need do is follow these 18 extremely simple steps:

Before the Sale:

  • #1: Focus on top prospects and contact them frequently.
  • #2: Research prospects prior to each meeting.
  • #3: Commit time and energy to making the sale.
  • #4: Truly desire to help the prospect.
  • #5: Transcend the need to make the sale.
During the Sale:
  • #6: Listen more than you talk.
  • #7: Cultivate insider "coaches" to learn requirements.
  • #8: Communicate unique value.
  • #9: Interface well with your support staff.
  • #10: Solve problems as a consultant.
  • #11: Meet deadlines for customer milestones.
  • #12: Recognize when a sale is not going to happen.
  • #13: Recognize when the prospect is ready to buy.
After the Sale:
  • #14: Get referrals and follow up on them.
  • #15: Appreciate and thank the customer.
  • #16: Express thanks towards those who helped.
  • #17: Create a long-term relationship.
  • #18: Keep a sense of proportion.
That's really what it's all about, when it comes right down to it. So go ye forth and make your numbers!

HINT: Print these steps out and put a copy in your wallet.

NOTE: The above is based upon a conversation with John Asher the CEO of the eponymous sales training firm, along with inputs from the Sales Machine community.