How to Sell an Idea to Your Own Firm

Last Updated Jun 15, 2011 10:51 PM EDT

This post contains a quick quiz that tests your ability to sell an idea to your own firm, along with some advice for moving your idea forward.

Instructions: Answer each question in the provided poll, then click on the link below the poll to get the correct answer

Question One: You've got a great idea that can help your firm become more successful and, in the process, advance your career. In order to make your idea into a reality, you'll need to sell it up the management chain. What's your first move?

  • #1: Sound out your boss. Surfacing the idea early will make it easier to develop it into something that the boss can eventually embrace.
  • #2: Share your idea with your peers. Since your idea is such a good one, you;ll need friends and allies to move the idea forward.
  • #3: Assess your own credibility. Confirm, in your own mind at least, that you have sufficient clout in the firm to move this idea forward.

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