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How to Make Your Own Muppet

One of the most popular areas at FAO Schwarz is the Muppet workshop, where everyone has a chance to make their own Muppet.

On "The Early Show" Saturday Edition, "everyone" included anchors Chris Wragge and Erica Hill. They made their own Muppet creations on the broadcast for each other and revealed their Muppets at the end of the "Return to Toyland" special.

However, at the interactive Muppet Whatnot Workshop you don't have to go it alone; they have a Whatnot Muppet to help you pick the right parts.

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But what exactly are Whatnots?

Whatnots are blank Muppet heads, onto which facial features, bodies, and clothes are added to make any kind of character in the Muppet Show universe. A similar group of Muppets known as Anything Muppets appear on Sesame Street. They are extras to help the Muppets put on their show.

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