How to help the Lost Boys of the Sudan

Information for viewers interested in learning how to help the young men in Bob Simon's report "The Lost Boys," and other Lost Boys and refugees from the Sudan

In response to Sunday's 60 Minutes story "The Lost Boys"-- about a group of refugees from the Sudan who are now trying to make their way in the United States -- many viewers have asked how they can help the young men in our piece, and some of you have asked how they can help other Lost Boys and refugees from the Sudan.

Bob Simon first met the Lost Boys in a Kenyan refugee camp in 2001 after they had fled Sudan's civil war. Some were relocated to the U.S. -- have they realized the American dream?

For those who want to help Joseph Taban Rufino -- the young man in the piece with the dream of attending medical school -- a fund has been set up on his behalf to help him travel to visit his mother: 60 Minutes is not involved in this fundraising effort, but for more information you can contact Joey McLiney at

For those who want to help Bishop Abraham, they can contact Father Bob Hudson of St. Luke's Anglican Church of Maysville, Kentucky, at

More generally, here are some organizations to help refugees from the Sudan:


The Sudanese Education Fund

The Chier Foundation

Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development

Alliance for the Lost Boys of Sudan

John Dau Foundation

Village Help for South Sudan

Valentino Achak Deng Foundation

African Soul, American Heart

South Sudan Institute

Lost Boys Rebuilding Southern Sudan

Water for South Sudan

The Hope of Sudan