How to Get the Most From Google Tasks

Last Updated Oct 20, 2009 5:35 PM EDT

Sometimes I feel like Google treats its task manager (a.k.a. Tasks) like the red-headed stepchild. That's slowly starting to change, as Tasks has not only graduated from Google Labs, but also gained integration with Gmail and Google Calendar.

As of today, Google Tasks has its own iGoogle gadget. You can find out more in the following video:

When you're done with that, check out this batch of Google Tasks power tips, which come courtesy of the Official Google Blog:

  • When you have completed a task and no longer want it to appear on your list, click "Clear completed" in the actions menu. You can review your completed tasks later by clicking "View completed tasks." Clearing completed tasks is different from deleting them -- if you delete a task, it's gone for good and you'll no longer see it anywhere in tasks.
  • In the default "My order" view, press tab to indent a task you're editing, making it a sub-task of the one above. Press shift + tab to reverse this operation.
  • Try ctrl + up/down to move the task you're editing up and down the list. Move a task that has sub-tasks, and they'll come along with it.
  • Ctrl + up/down also works in sort by date view, where it will alter the task's due date by one day. You can use this to quickly plan out your week's activities or postpone a task for another day.
  • Press shift + enter to edit the details of a task, including its notes and due date. You can also use this view to move your task to another list.
In my ideal universe, Tasks would sync seamlessly (and automatically) with Outlook and my iPhone. Come on, Google, enough with the baby steps!
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