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How to Get Customers to Want to 'Lick' Your Products

It's been said that fans of Apple love the products so much they want to lick them. Business owners have always acknowledged that if you can get your customers to fall in love with your product, the potential for word-of-mouth marketing is huge. That's exactly what's happened with MOO -- a little printing company in London that's been getting fans all around the world to lick its products. The new question being asked at networking events from London to New York is, 'Wow, are those cards from MOO?'

You've either heard of MOO or you haven't. And if you have, I bet that like me you've recommended loads of people to their site, where they've fallen in love with MOO business cards. So how has this four-year-old company from London made such an impact on the marketplace, earning a reputation among creatives and start-ups in the digital world? Here are some of the reasons this company of just 32 people has acquired customers in 181 countries:

  1. It's a game-changer: Like any innovative brand, MOO is refreshingly different. Business cards used to be expensive things you got your designers to organize and get printed. Along came MOO, with a web-based offering where you could upload your own artwork or use one of their templates -- all for just £12.99 (about $20) for 50 cards.
  2. It's customizable: Every card or sticker in a pack can carry a different image, giving clients a huge scope for customizing their message to different audiences.
  3. It offers incentives: Moo offers referral codes for introduction to friends and promotions for discounts and special offers.
  4. It's personality-driven: The brand oozes personality from the website all the way through to the packaging when it lands on your desk.
  5. It's user-friendly: The website is easy to use and easy to upload to.
Lisa Rodwell, MOO's vice president of sales and marketing, believes the company has taken off because the cards give people the opportunity to stand out and get noticed -- which is exactly what you want your business card to do. "The cards themselves start conversations and connections," she says. In creating such an attractive offering, the company has enabled its customers to do some of the heavy lifting in spreading the MOO word. The minimum customer investment might only be £12.99, but with thousands of customers throughout the world, the business model stacks up as very successful.
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