How to Get a Water Bottle Past Airport Security

Last Updated Dec 1, 2008 9:19 AM EST

bottled-water.jpgEveryone knows that air travel dehydrates the body, so you're supposed to drink lots of water, right? Trouble is, the TSA won't let you bring a full bottle through security, and many airlines won't even serve you water in-flight anymore. Your only option is to buy an overpriced bottle at the airport or on the plane.

Actually, that's not your only option. Just bring along an empty water bottle, breeze through security, and then fill it from a drinking fountain before you board the plane. Suck it, TSA! And suck it, airlines and airport stores charging 3 bucks per bottle.

Hopefully you won't need to employ this empty-bottle subterfuge much longer: Rumor has it that in 2009, the TSA will lift that insanely annoying ban on liquids. One small step for air-travel sanity...

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