How to Get a Job Using Google

Last Updated Oct 10, 2011 3:50 PM EDT

With the economy in a state of slow recovery and an influx of recent grads in the job market, many Americans are searching for work. Trends from Google Search reveal that an increasing number of Americans are searching online for jobs. In fact, since 2009, "job interview" searches have increased by 30%.

Among the many career sites available online, Google Search is a key resource for job seekers. Here are some tips and tricks to help maximize your job hunt with Google Search.

  • Review a company's financial news and performance through Google Finance. Are you interested in working for a publicly traded company? You can use Google Finance to check out a company's latest stock price, stock prices for their competitors, recent news, and more. To find up-to-date information, simply enter the company's name or ticker symbol (e.g. GOOG).
  • Find design inspiration for your resume on Google Images. While not appropriate for many industries, if you're worried that your resume looks cluttered or dull, check out Google Images. Do a search to find resume examples that are organized, sharp, and professional. Here you'll find inspiration to design your own resume and make it stand out from the rest of the crowd.
  • Get to know the person who will be interviewing you. In addition to learning about the company where you'll be interviewing, it's also important to learn about the person who you'll be meeting. This is a must! Do a Google Search to find out if they're published, if they've spoken publicly recently, or if they've been mentioned in company news stories or headlines. Knowing these details could impress your perspective employer and give you the edge against your competition.
  • Watch YouTube for career advice. DenhamResources and smartsselling are just two examples of YouTube channels that offer resume and career advice for prospective employees. These channels (and many others) provide job seekers with an understanding of their industry, recommendations for showcasing their strengths and abilities, and advice for succeeding in their field.
  • Stay current with industry news. Keeping up-to-date with your industry is vital. Impress your potential employers with your knowledge of global industry headlines by using Google News. Here you can search headlines from around the world and set up email alerts to find out when relevant news stories appear online.
  • Search for jobs on a company's website. Google allows you to limit your search to a specific website. For example, if you want to search for jobs from Bank of America's website, enter the query [careers]. Your search results will include only pages and careers from
  • Map out the directions to your interview. Determine the best route, how long it will take, and what traffic will be like with Google Maps. If you arrive at your interview early, check out the "Search Nearby" feature to find the nearest coffee shop where you can wait and prep for your appointment. To see Google Maps in action, check out these directions from Google's Mountain View headquarters to Google's San Francisco office, complete with live traffic updates.
Using the internet can make job hunting a lot easier than it used to be, but don't rely exclusively on technology to get you that job. You still need to pick up the phone, craft a stand-out resume, send handwritten thank you notes, network with peers, and wow prospective employers. Good luck!

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