How to get a job in the tech industry

Resumes are marketing documents -- they need to portray you in the best possible light

(MoneyWatch) Despite the down economy, the tech industry is booming. But people throw that term around as if "the tech industry" is some monolithic collection of companies, all with similar hiring practices. It's not, and if you're smart, you'll know how to vary your approach for every kind of business.

Gizmodo recently published an intriguing look at five companies representing the spectrum of businesses in the tech industry, focusing on tips for getting hired in each. Here is what they found:

The Search Business: Google

Be passionate about both your career and other aspects of your life -- be able to wow them with stories about your other hobbies or passions.

Be flexible, able to accommodate changing roles, duties and responsibilities. Showcase that with a catalog of related skills.

Be comfortable -- dress appropriately and neatly. You don't have to wear a suit, but don't be sloppy.

The Gaming Business: Ubisoft

Post your stuff online. Make sure your portfolio is available on the web for review.

Love what you want to do -- have a real passion for games and entertainment software.

Show off your creativity. Be able to show and speak to stuff you have completed as well as prototypes, experiments and drafts you are still working on.

Network. Your best bet for landing a job is meeting people in the field and having contacts on the inside.

The Design Business: Mule Design Studio

Educate yourself. Be an expert, as much as possible, on the state of the craft and the state of the industry. Know what trends and styles are hot.

Be a superb communicator. You should be an articulate and coherent speaker, able to clearly communicate your ideas. It's simply not enough to be great with Illustrator or After Effects.

Network with others in the industry. It's a small community and you'll want other people to know your name.

Social Networks: Facebook

Be proficient. There's no getting around this -- you'll need lots of skills to be competitive.

Team spirit. Facebook sees itself as a benevolent force to connect people using technology. Facebook is looking for other like-minded folks, not cynics who see social networking as a way to connect people with advertisers.

The Hardware Business: Intel

Make Friends. Yes, it's a familiar theme, but networking is critical. The primary channel into Intel is via referrals.

Join the group. The Intel Student Lounge LinkedIn group can keep you apprised of what positions are available, as well as help you research the company.