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How to Enable Viral Change

how-to-change-a-world.jpgSince we just posted a blog on innovation management and the organizational changes digitalization and globalization require, it seems appropriate to link to a series of myths about change management. Viral Change (TM) first listed 15 myths, and has been responding to each myth, one by one, in a series of posts dating back to October. There are a few myths left to deconstruct, but as you'll see below, there's a lot of linkage to indulge if you're interested in attacking a particular myth.

1. Big change requires big action.
2. Only change at the top can ensure change within the organization.

3. People are resistant to change.
4. Cultural change is a slow and paintful, long-term affair.
5. Everybody needs to be involved in the change.

6. Communication and training are the vital components of change.
7. New processes and systems will create new necessary behaviors.
8. People are rational and will react to logical and rational requests for change.

9. There is no point in creating change in one division without the rest of the company participating.
10. Skeptical people and enemies of change need to be sidelined.
11. Vision for change needs to come from the top and cascade down.
12. After change, you need a period of stability and consolidation.
13. Short-terms wins are tactical, but they do not usually represent real change.

14. There will always be casualties -- people not accepting change -- and you need to identify and deal with them.

15. People used to not complying with norms will be even worse at accepting change.

Viral change:
The alternative to slow, painful, and unsuccessful management of change within an organization. (Leandro Herrero)

(Change image courtesy of hive, cc 2.0)

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