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How to Downgrade to Windows XP

windows-xp-logo.jpgSo you've decided Windows Vista just isn't your cup of OS tea. Perhaps you're not happy with its sluggish performance or software incompatibilities. Whatever the reason, you may be able to "downgrade" to Windows XP (or, if you prefer, an earlier version of Windows). All volume-licensed editions of Vista, meaning those purchased by corporations, come with downgrade rights, as do OEM versions of Vista Business and Vista Ultimate.

Computerworld tells you everything you need to know about downgrading. Well, almost everything: One option the author doesn't mention is setting up a dual-boot configuration, meaning you install XP alongside Vista and then boot whichever OS you need. That's a much less drastic solution, as it doesn't require wiping your hard drive. Find out more about dual-booting from Lifehacker.

Are you living with Vista? Have you ever thought about downgrading? Hit the Comments and give us your thoughts on this OS mess.

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