How to Do Anything Better

Last Updated Nov 10, 2008 9:42 AM EST

292642699_8e8a8b5aa8_m.jpgReady to take your work and play to the next level? Heshy Shayovitz says it's all about doing everything with quality, which is a product of time, thoughts, and systems.

To assure quality in everything you do, Shayovitz suggests 21 ways you can rev up your chances for success, enhance your reputation, and save time.

Five that I really like:

  • Review everything you touch before you hand it off. Proof read your documents one last time, double check that package to make sure everything is included, triple check your bullet points on your presentation.
  • Control your understanding. Find out deadlines and requirements. Ask questions. Make sure you know what's expected. If you don't know what you're shooting for you can't succeed.
  • Learn from others. The people around you may be doing some tasks better than you. How are they doing it? Look at colleagues (and) bosses and definitely don't neglect learning from subordinates.
  • Don't wait for deadlines. It's inevitable that people rush to finish a task at the deadline. This only leads to more problems. The solution is simple -- start early and plan your schedule so that you finish early.
  • Exceed expectations. You've understood the expectations and you've set expectations -- now do your best to exceed them. Everyone loves good surprises!
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