How to Discover the 99 Percent of Jobs You've Never Heard Of

You've passed every biology quiz that's been put in front of you and learned to whip through a French history paper or a set of calculus problems, but there is one question that still bedevils a lot of recent college graduates -- what are you going to do now?

The obvious answer is get a job, but which job? From family, friends and TV characters, you probably know the standard doctor, lawyer and police investigator, but according to Matt Mahoney, founder of site Daily Endeavor, there are actually something in the neighborhood of 250,000 jobs out there. One of those may be perfect for you you, but how do you find out about it?

In a podcast interview with blogger Lindsey Pollak, Mahoney pitches his own site as a resource but also offers some general advice on how you can go about exploring the wide world of little known career paths. After a quick caution about looking for a career you're passionate about, he offers these basic tips:

  • Start with your interests. Search by interests and what you like to do, even if you're not sure what industry or function that interest might lead to. Don't just focus on the field you think you want to explore. Don't just focus on your major. Think about what you really, truly love to do.
  • Ask yourself these key questions: What do you want to be better known for? What do you want to go see for yourself? Your answers to these questions don't have to last forever. Come up with answers for just the next two years or so.
  • Remember that choosing a career these days is not about choosing the rest of your life. Given the ever-changing nature of the job market right now, chances are you will eventually end up playing a role that hasn't even been written yet. Focus on where you are now, and the rest will come with time.
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(Photo courtesy of Flick user cogdogblog, CC 2.0)