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How to Boost Morale After Downsizing

So far this year, Gap Inc.'s laid off 1 percent of its workforce(1,500 employees) to offset losses sustained under the direction of ex-CEO Paul Pressler. While downsizing cuts costs on paper, this presupposes remaining employees will remain productive -- which might be a challenge if workers fear for their own job security.

If you're willing to sift through a few mushy, corporate-cheerleader-targeted suggestions, you'll find some nuggets in's article "Survivors Can Soar After Layoffs." Or you can read an abridged version of some of the highlights below:

  • Emphasize the positive goals that you can accomplish this year together. Make certain that the goals cascade through the organization so people feel strategically connected to the overall strategy and direction.
  • Provide rewards and recognition wherever you feel you can legitimately do so.
  • Continue to hold expected events, sponsorships, and programs that people have come to count on from the company before the layoffs. Keep the familiar meeting structures unless the group decides to change them.