How to Become a Printer-less Office

Your office is probably a mish-mash of digital and print documents, stored in a myriad of places, both locally and online. That can make it challenging to find a specific document when you need it. The Myers contract? Was that stored on hardcopy or signed digitally? Is it on Amy's computer, on the SharePoint, or stored on Dropbox? Perhaps it's time to consolidate all of your stuff into a single format and single location.

Nuance has introduced PaperPort Anywhere, a cloud-based document storage and sharing solution that can finally pull together all of your documents and help you shut down your printers forever.

PaperPort Anywhere is a cloud storage solution that's designed specifically with documents in mind. It has a full-text search engine built in which makes it easy to find documents you've stored online, along with a keywording system (Nuance calls it Labels) for organizing certain kinds of files.

The site also makes it easy to share. You can figure permissions to your PaperPort account so anyone can upload files to it, or you can limit access to just certain domains or email addresses. It's also easy to share your files with specific folks.

The service is part of a complete system, as well: Nuance's PaperPort 14 scanning and document management software is integrated with PaperPort Anywhere, so you can scan print documents and upload them directly to the cloud. There's also a free mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android to give you on-the-go access to your documents from most mobile devices.

PaperPort Anywhere is free with 1GB of storage. You can upgrade to 10GB of storage for $10/month or 50GB of storage for $25/month.

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