How to Alienate Your Female Customers

Last Updated Oct 22, 2007 3:34 PM EDT

According to research from Business Week and Gallup, by 2010, women are expected to control 60% of wealth is the U.S. or $1 trillion. Women make 95% of all household purchasing decisions, 70% of all travel decisions, 57% of consumer electronics purchases and 70% of home purchases, American Venture magazine reports. Marketers have to know this, and companies desire to capture as much of this money as possible. So why do they continue to make ads as annoying to women as this?

How To Alienate Your Female Customers
Or how about this one for cell phone ring tones?

How To Alienate Your Female Customers
These choice advertisements are among a select group recently singled out for scorn by the National Organization for Women. Let them be a lesson in how to infuriate and alienate as many women as possible.

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