How Quincy Jones Could Net You a Pay Rise

Last Updated Jun 24, 2008 10:44 AM EDT

Having trouble persuading your boss that you need a pay rise? The FT's Adam Jones offers a compelling argument, courtesy of legendary music producer Quincy Jones.

Managers' work, if done well, is likely to be invisible, argues Jones (Adam). What you do all day is smooth the path for others to deliver results. Your ability is in the orchestration -- like QJ's.

It's also about bringing together the right contacts from your network, which, in Quincy J's case have included Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Diana Ross, Lionel Ritchie and Michael Jackson.

A manager's value is bound up in his or her star contacts, plus their ability to get others to produce. It's also, presumably, about creating in-house stars -- who might go on to eclipse their manager.

This is the hard part. Adam Jones doesn't mention it, but the famously perfectionist QJ could also teach managers a lot about how to forego the limelight while retaining recognition.

Mind you, any boss who's experienced the 'negative equity' resulting from poor management -- or no management at all -- will recognise these 'invisible' skills in a trice. Won't they?