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How Freshman Picked Their Colleges

How did the latest crop of college freshmen pick their schools?
Money played a tremendous role, according to a new survey by Maguire Associates, a higher-ed consulting firm, and FastWeb, the popular scholarship search engine.

Nearly one third of freshmen say they aren't heading to their No. 1 choice of colleges in the fall because they couldn't afford these schools. More than half of the teenagers (56%) received financial aid, but 82% said they didn't receive as much as they had hoped.

To keep costs down, 22% of teenagers ultimately selected schools nearby so they could commute from home.

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Nearly 63% of freshmen are heading to their first-choice college. Among those who aren't going to their No. 1 school, 35% of teenagers were rejected and 31% couldn't afford it.

When asked what were the three most important reasons for selecting their school, here were the teenagers' top responses:

  1. 44.6% Quality of major
  2. 43.2% Scholarships or financial aid
  3. 40.8% Total costs
  4. 38.4% Academic reputation
  5. 35.6% Campus setting/environment
  6. 34.5% Close to home
  7. 19.0% Social life/opportunities
  8. 17.3% Geographic location of campus
What I thought was particularly interesting and sad was that 13.6% of the teenagers said their parents' preference was one of the biggest reasons why they chose their school. Also dubious: nearly 6% said a major reason for selecting their school was US News and World Report college rankings.

For surveyed teenagers, 10.5% found it very difficult to make their final college choice. In contrast, nearly 49% found it very or moderately easy to make their decision.

Finally, appealing financial aid awards clearly can work. Nineteen percent of teenagers appealed their initial awards and nearly 37% had their awards increased as a result.

Only 19% plan to take more than four years to graduate from college, but in reality just 36% of students across the country graduate on time.

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