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How Does Your Teen's SAT Scores Compare?

Minutes ago, the College Board released its latest SAT test score results.
If you want to compare your teenager's SAT test scores with everybody else, here are the latest performance results for 2009 college-bound freshmen:

SAT Scores for 2009 College Freshmen
Reading: 501
Math: 515
Writing: 493

The possible scores for each of the three sections range from 200 to 800. The latest average scores are just about identical to last year's results.

The pool of teenagers that took the SAT is the most diverse crop of test takers ever. One out of every four students, for instance, do not consider English their first language. More than a third of the parents of these teenagers never attended college.

Girls continue to endure the test in larger numbers than boys -- 53.5% of this year's freshmen class test takers were females.

Here's where you can find a breakdown of SAT scores by state.

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