How Does Your Boss Stack Up?

Last Updated Oct 6, 2008 9:05 AM EDT

1594146081_b2792d9552_m.jpgIt's no secret that a bad boss can hurt employee morale, lower productivity, and negatively impact the bottom line by fostering turnover. The good news? Most of us actually think our bosses do a good job.

A new study from CareerBuilder says that nearly three-quarters of workers (73 percent) are satisfied with the performance of their direct supervisor.
On the down side, only half said senior management was performing well, and 58 percent said senior management doesn't motivate them. That's not a problem reserved for C-level execs, either; 51 percent said their direct supervisors weren't inspiring.
Those who didn't approve of their bosses had four primary complaints:

  • The boss plays favorites
  • The boss doesn't lead by example
  • The boss is never around
  • The boss never provides positive feedback
Tomorrow, I'll take a look at what you can do if your boss doesn't stack up. In the meantime, tell me what you think of your current supervisor.

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