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How does the new Apple TV compare to Roku?

Apple TV and Roku are battling for supremacy of the market created by Americans' growing preference for streaming
Apple TV and Roku are battling for supremacy ... 01:57

It's a battle of the video streams. With the new Apple TV just hitting stores, the tech giant continues to compete with Roku's similar device over who will dominate the streaming market.

"It's a pretty impressive evolutionary step for Apple TV," CNET Senior Editor Jeff Bakalar told CBS News about the latest version of Apple's streaming device.

With the its new TV, Apple is hoping to stand at the forefront of streaming services.

"We believe the future of television is apps," Apple CEO Tim Cook said when the upgraded TV was announced in September.

Clocking in at $149 for a 32 GB version and a $199 for a 64 GB version with a faster processor, the new Apple device is expensive, but Bakalar noted that customers have a lot of loyalty to the company's products.

"There are a lot of people who are invested financially and emotionally in Apple's ecosystem," Bakalar said. "That's really the trade-off. Do you want to leave your Apple ecosystem and how heavily invested you are in that to go for Roku? That's something you have to decide."

Roku has been a strong competitor in the streaming video market, with a lower price and more video content apps than Apple. The latest Roku device sells for $129.99, works with 4K Ultra HD TVs, and has a simple interface with a comprehensive search function.

Bakalar suggested that now, a few years into the streaming wars between the companies, Roku might have some advantages.

"Really look at where Apple TV refuses to upgrade as often as there are new Roku boxes. I think Roku has the upper hand when it comes to that," he added. "This time around it (Apple) has a pretty hefty price. The entry level price for Apple TV is a lot ... You really have to weigh those pros and cons. Me personally, I like what Roku does."

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